Equip PureWOD Pre-Workout
PureWOD Pre-Workout
PureWOD Pre-Workout
PureWOD Pre-Workout
PureWOD Pre-Workout
PureWOD Pre-Workout
Equip PureWOD Pre-Workout
PureWOD Pre-Workout
PureWOD Pre-Workout
PureWOD Pre-Workout
PureWOD Pre-Workout
PureWOD Pre-Workout

PureWOD Pre-Workout

Pure fuel. For your workouts.


Stay Lean

Boost Muscle Recovery

Increase Strength

Boost Energy

Pure WOD

Fuel your workouts naturally with Pure WOD — the powdered blend made from 100% whole foods.

Made from 100% real foods, Pure WOD delivers the boost you need to support your workouts. In a powdered blend that easily mixes with your favorite drinks and smoothies.

Most pre-workout powdered blends are loaded with fillers and junk. They give you a quick rush of energy, followed by a hard crash.

Not Pure WOD.

Pure WOD is the all-natural, junk-free pre-workout blend. Enjoy it before, during, or after workouts. And add it to your morning drink or smoothie for a whole-foods source of energy formulated by doctors to support your active lifestyle.

What you get with every scoop

Every serving of Pure WOD contains 1 cup of coconut water (to keep you hydrated) and 2 cups of green tea (for a caffeine energy boost). We’ve formulated the perfect blend of research-backed real ingredients, so you can fuel your body naturally.

Ingredients per 17g scoop:

  • 4g Creatine Monohydrate
  • 2.5g Beta Alanine
  • 1.5g L-Citrulline Malate
  • 2g L-Leucine
  • 1g L-Isoleucine
  • 1g L-Valine
  • 1g Coconut Water Powder
  • 500mg L-Arginine AKG 2:1
  • 500mg L-Carnitine
  • 300mg Green Tea Leaf Extract

What to expect from Pure WOD

Most pre-workout blends come loaded with artificial ingredients. Ingredients that spike your blood sugar and do more harm than good.

Pure WOD is all natural. No chemicals. No junk. Nothing artificial. You may experience slight bitterness. That’s normal for a powdered blend that uses only real ingredients.

You may also experience slight tingling. That’s a normal effect of beta-alanine — an amino acid found in Pure WOD that supports athletic performance and may help build lean muscle mass. That tingling will subside with regular use.

Why Pure WOD?

Check the nutrition labels on most pre-workout powders. They contain more ingredients you don’t know (and can’t pronounce) than natural ingredients.

Pure WOD contains only real foods. So you can fuel your body with whole ingredients your body needs. And none of the junk found in other products.

How to use

Add to your smoothies + shakes


Shake with 8-10 oz of your favorite beverage


Add to your recipe + fresh baked goods



  • Why is this better than other pre-workouts?

    This is the first all-natural pre-workout on the market with no artificial ingredients or colors added with no fillers, binding agents or chemicals that has an effective dosing of each ingredient to help you during your workouts.

  • Will this upset my stomach?

    Good question. A big difference between Pure WOD and other pre-workouts is we do not add any artificial ingredients or sweeteners, fillers, binding or anti-foaming agents. These ingredients are usually what give people digestive issues and are not necessary in a preworkout.

  • How much caffeine is in here?

    200 mg from green tea. Although that may seem like a lot the caffeine is slow release, so it doesn’t hit as hard as chemically derived caffeine.

  • Does it make you tingle and itch?

    It can depending on your tolerance to Beta-Alinine, which is essentially a beta-amino acid your body produces, which helps to increase muscle carnosine that helps to buffer hydrogen ions, which will in-turn help you work at a higher capacity. Most people feel a tingle sensation for a few weeks then their bodies get used to it and they do not feel the tingle anymore.

  • When should I take this?

    20 - 30 minutes before your workout

  • I train at night, can I take this then?

    If you have trouble with other pre-workouts, give Pure WOD a try. We’ve had many people tell us that they cannot take a pre-workout in the evening because they have trouble sleeping and are able to take PRE before evening workouts because it’s made with green tea.

  • What is WOD?

    WOD means Workout Of The Day -- which for you can be whatever you want it to be.

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