Equip Clean Carbs Sweet Potato Powder
Clean Carbs Vanilla
Clean Carbs Vanilla
Equip Clean Carbs Sweet Potato Powder
Clean Carbs Vanilla
Clean Carbs Vanilla

Clean Carbs Vanilla

Sweet potato. In powder form.


Stay Lean

Boost Muscle Recovery

Increase Strength

Boost Energy

Clean Carbs

1 whole sweet potato packed into every serving

Your body turns carbs into energy. But not the carbs found in powdered blends packed with sugary fillers—those lead to fat gain and crashes. You need clean carbs found in superfoods like sweet potatoes.

Every serving of Clean Carbs contains one whole sweet potato. Sweet potatoes that are slow and cold-processed, so you’re left with all of the nutrition of the real food. Not a refined carb like maltodextrin or sugar found in other products.

With Clean Carbs, you get 100% of the disease-preventing, cancer-fighting, and immune-boosting benefits of sweet potatoes. In a convenient powdery blend that tastes like vanilla.


1 Sweet Potato
+ Vanilla powder
+ Stevia

What you get with every scoop

Each serving of Clean Carbs is loaded with 24 grams of clean, superfood carbs, at just 100 calories. Our whole-foods blend makes the perfect addition to any drink or recipe. And comes in a delicious vanilla flavor, making it the tastiest way to get the clean-carb fuel your body needs.

Unlike other blends, Clean Carbs contains only real, natural ingredients. No fillers or chemicals. Zero junk. Just real, natural ingredients (sweet potatoes, vanilla, and stevia).

What to expect from Equip’s whole-food vegan protein blend

Clean Carbs is the superfood blend that tastes like your favorite vanilla dessert. Add Clean Carbs to any drink or recipe for a delicious way to get whole-food carbs. Without the nasty blood sugar spikes found in other blends loaded with fillers.

We don’t use any gums or unnatural stabilizers, so some settling of the powder is normal. And unlike other products, we process our sweet potatoes so the plant cell wall remains intact (this is dietary fiber!). Yes, that means you may experience some graininess when you sip. But it also means better digestion, a healthier carb, and a more natural blend. In a powder you can take anywhere.

Why Clean Carbs?

Most powdered blends on the market are loaded with unnatural ingredients (like maltodextrin and sugars) that your body doesn’t need — and shouldn’t have.

Not Clean Carbs. Our sweet potato blend is made from real, whole ingredients only. So you get the carbs you need to fuel your body. Without fillers, chemicals, preservatives, or artificial junk.

How to use

Add to your smoothies + shakes


Shake with 8-10 oz of your favorite beverage


Add to your recipe + fresh baked goods



  • Why should I have carbs? Shouldn’t I steer clear from them?

    Carbs might be the most misunderstood part of your diet. Your body needs carbs to get the energy it needs for each day. In fact, dietary guidelines suggest that we get about half of our calories from carbohydrates.

    But your body doesn’t just need any carbs. Your body wants complex carbs, like the kind found in sweet potatoes. Clean Carbs helps you maintain a well-balanced diet (that includes complex carbs), without the negative effects (spikes in blood sugar followed by hard crashes).

  • Can’t I get carbs from something other than sweet potato?

    Sweet potatoes are nutritional powerhouses.

    The carbohydrates in sweet potatoes digest further down in the digestive tract, meaning that you actually put them to use as energy. They don’t end up spiking your insulin (which can ruin your metabolism).

    Other types of carbohydrate sources (like Gatorade, Vitargo, Waxy Maize, etc.) digest so quickly that you can have energy spikes, fat gain, and gut distress. They are just like drinking soda. Clean Carbs is just like eating a sweet potato, only better because you can add Clean Carbs to any drink or recipe.

    Unlike other supplements, we cold-process our sweet potatoes. That means you get all of the nutrition of one whole organic sweet potato in each scoop of Clean Carbs.

  • What makes Clean Carbs better than other sweet potato supplements?

    The way we make Clean Carbs is unique to Equip, and means more nutrients for you in every scoop.

    We cut and blanch the sweet potatoes using a very low heating method. We then blend them up and cold spray dry the sweet potatoes, which is how we retain the nutrients.

    We intentionally leave the carbohydrates more whole so that they take longer to digest. This method is better for your metabolism and provides long-lasting energy.

    Because Clean Carbs takes longer to digest, this allows important bacteria in your lower intestine to use this resistant starch for food. As a result, it increases your immune system and improves gut health.

    The process we use to make Clean Carb so nutritious can make the powder harder to mix. That’s because most supplements use harmful gums or stabilizing agents to make their powders mix easier.

    Not us. With Clean Carbs, your drink may experience some settling and graininess. But you won’t be ingesting artificial ingredients that your body does not want.

    If you’re not crazy about the texture, try mixing it with almond milk, or coconut milk to make it creamier.

  • How many grams of carbs are there in every serving?

    There are 24 grams of all-natural carbohydrates for every serving (one whole sweet potato) and 30 servings for every bag.

    With our subscription delivery services, you can get your monthly supply of Clean Carbs delivered to you automatically—and save 15% off your order.

  • When’s the best time to take Clean Carbs?

    Clean Carbs contains a dense structure of carbohydrates, making it ideal as both a meal replacement and following your workout.

    We recommend you take Clean Carbs whenever you want a serving of clean, organic, superfood-fueled carbohydrates.

    The best part is, Clean Carbs can be added to virtually anything you eat or drink. Many customers add Clean Carbs to their morning protein shake or to one of their favorite baking recipes.

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