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Clean Carbs

We use slow and cold-processed sweet potatoes in our Clean Carbs, so you’re left with all of the nutrition of the real food and not a refined carb. Just a simple nutrition blend made with whole foods.

Bibendum Tortor Vulputate







Some settling of the shake. This is normal since we don't use any weird gums or stabilizers.

Some graininess when you sip. This is also normal! We process our sweet potato so that the plant cell wall is intact. This means better digestion and a healthier carb.


Shake with 8-10 ounces of your favorite beverage.

When to Use

Before, During, Or After Exercise

When You Need More Fiber

When You Feel Sensitive To Most Carbs

How to use

Add To Smoothies And Shakes

Add To 8-10 Ounces Of Your Favorite Beverage

Add To Recipes or Baked Goods as A Flour


EW! Why Is This Stuff Grainy?

We intentionally leave the carbohydrates more whole so that they take longer to digest. Not only is this better for your metabolism and providing a longer lasting energy. Not only that, but the important bacteria in your lower intestine use this resistant starch for food and to increase your immune system and gut health. Try mixing it with almond milk, coconut milk, or any other beverage to reduce the texture if you are not liking it!

Why Does The Powder Settle After I Shake It?

See above. Also, we don’t use any type of gums or stabilizing agents which can increase digestive issues. Just swirl it again before you take your next sip!

Why Carbs?

If you’re active or want a well balanced diet, micronutrient dense, complex carbohydrates can play an excellent role in providing energy as well as food for your gut.

Okay, Then Why Is Sweet Potato Better?

Sweet potatoes are nutritional powerhouses. The way we process our sweet potatoes makes sure that all of the nutrition of one whole organic sweet potato is in each scoop. 

The carbohydrates in sweet potatoes digest further down in the digestive tract, meaning that you actually put them to use and they don’t end up spiking your insulin (which can ruin your metabolism and make you fat). 

Other type of carbohydrate sources (like Gatorade, Vitargo, Waxy Maize, etc.) digest so quickly that you can have energy spikes, fat gain, and gut distress. They are just like drinking soda, Clean Carbs is just like eating a sweet potato

How Many Grams Of Carbs / Servings Per Unit?

24 grams/serving and 30 servings/bag

Is This Just For Post-Workout, or... When?

What is great about Clean Carbs is that it has a dense structure of carbohydrate that makes it great for both post-workout or as a meal replacement. Eat it whenever you want more carbohydrates.

How Is This Made?

We cut and blanch the sweet potatoes using a very low heating method. We then blend them up and cold spray dry the sweet potatoes which is how we retain the nutrients.