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Why You Shouldn’t Take Fish Oil (and What Greens Powders Actually Do)

Why You Shouldn’t Take Fish Oil (and What Greens Powders Actually Do)
The philosophy at Equip when designing new products is to create something that doesn’t exist on the shelves to solve an obvious need. We’re not in the game of replicating products when there is already a great alternative. This model has led us to making the most effective and cleanest pre-workout, beef protein, and sweet potato carb source. 

Recently we released another novel product to help people reduce inflammation, improve recovery and increase energy —  Greens. But what makes this different than other greens? Who should take it? When? How? And most importantly — why? 

What is Fish Oil and Why do we take it? 

Fish oil is one of the top supplements in the health industry. Some of the reasons for the popularity of fish oil? Decreased inflammation, increased energy, and improved recovery are just a few of the effects people are looking to get. The downside? You are relying on taking a pill to do the work of clean up crew in your body. 

What if there was a way to get better, more lasting effects by transforming your own body to take care of itself? 

There is, and it is called “eating plants”. A massive amount and an incredibly diversity of them. 

Of course, you should always be trying to get your food from whole, clean sources, but there are times where that is not always practical. If you’re traveling, ran out of groceries, have social commitments, are feeling sick with low appetite, or just want to buffer with some nutritional insurance, adding a supplemental form of plant nutrition can be an intelligent addition to your otherwise healthy diet. 

Enter greens powders. A properly made greens powder can provide you with a huge shot a of diverse plant nutrients that you wouldn’t be getting otherwise. 

How does this decrease inflammation?

When you take something like fish oil to reduce inflammation, you are relying on an external source (the actual oil) to do the work. The beneficial omega-3 fat in the oil is the compound that is doing work. 

Contrary to popular belief, the main action of the beneficial compounds in plants is not to directly decrease inflammation. Plant nutrients actually serve as mini defense mechanisms for the plant itself. Plants don’t have legs, so they can’t run away when something tries to eat it. In place, they have engineered different chemicals to help deter animals from eating them. These are phytochemicals.

What happens is the phytochemicals in plants stimulate your body’s own immune system to ramp up and curb inflammation and clean out the garbage. This effect lasts much longer than just when you eat the plant nutrients. Each time you are taking in plant nutrients, you are essentially making your body more resilient. 

To deal with problems (inflammation, illness, cellular repair etc.) in your body, you generally want your own immune system and complex set of bodily reactions to act as the clean up crew instead of relying on outside forces. 


Fish oil = inflammation reduction mainly when taking fish oil. 

Plant nutrients = increase in your body’s own ability to reduce inflammation.