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Why Prime Protein is the Best Recovery Supplement

Why Prime Protein is the Best Recovery Supplement

CrossFit and high intensity workouts paired with a strict paleo or primal diet are fantastic because they work. Unfortunately sometimes life can get in the way. You're not warmed up, you've been traveling, you're a little stressed and BOOM -- you're injured and feeling aches and pains. But you have a high standard for what you put in your body, so you don't want to take a bunch of crappy supplements to help. We hear you. 

The most common injuries are overuse injuries. In other words, the tissues are overloaded and break down. Just like if you would bend a twig and see some of the wood splinter, this happens to our soft tissues and joint surfaces as well. This leans to inflammation and pain and requires some important recovery strategies. 

If any of you know about my background, I'm a sports chiropractor. I deal with soft tissue injuries and rehabbing them all day long. Digging deeper, you'll also know my standard for nutrition is among the highest. You won't see me promoting vague IIFYM guidelines, only the highest quality and most nutrient dense foods. When formulating our beef protein powder, I wanted something that would not only be nutritious and clean, but support of the soft tissue injuries I aim to fix day in and day out. 

Prime was made in such a way where it can be injury preventing as well as recovery inducing, all within the parameters of a strict paleo diet. All of the collagen, gelatin and micronutrients you would usually get in beef is right in one scoop. The reason why collagen and gelatin are so important is that they have been used many times in research and has been shown to decrease joint pain (1, 2) and reduce arthitic symptoms (3).

Being as strict as I am with nutrition, the sourcing and production of our clean protein powder is super important as well. Prime Protein is made from chunks of beef and in the same way that bone broth is made. This means that each scoop you get is the same as a 4 ounce cut of meat. The only other ingredients are cocoa powder and stevia, making this the first and only paleo approved recovery supplement.

I've seen so many of my elite athletes recover much quicker and experience less soreness and pain when they up their collagen and gelatin it is mind boggling. With Prime Protein, you don't have to take multiple different supplements for soft tissue recovery, muscle building, micronutrient supplementing, etc. Potential opportunities for up-leveling micronutrient intake even further are our beef organs and beef liver supplements which are made with the same principles as Prime Protein.

You can take a protein supplement and get mediocre results at building lean tissue and you can take a collagen/gelatin supplement to get soft tissue recovery benefits -- but why not use BUILD and have the best of both worlds along with all of the added micronutrients?