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Why Greens Powders Are NOT Created Equal

Why Greens Powders Are NOT Created Equal
Our mantra at Equip is to create only products that don’t currently exist, that are whole food based, and will provide a great health benefit to the supporter. "But wait! There are plenty of other greens powders!” you may think. True!

However, with all of the greens powders on the market, I couldn’t find ONE that I could recommend to my patients, athletes and followers confidently that would mimic what should be getting in real foods. 

Time to welcome our new Greens product!

MCT Powder - Many of the nutrients in plants can only be delivered through your bloodstream in the presence of fats. Because of this, we’ve incorporated MCT powder, a fat derived from coconuts, to help absorb and deliver all of the nutrients to your entire body. Not only does MCT powder help the delivery and absorption of nutrition from the greens powder, it also provides immediately accessible energy to your brain. 

Liver & Digestive Enzymes - Greens powders are very dense sources of plant material and nutrition. Your body can typically only process, package and deliver so many of these nutrients at one time. This packaging process happens in the liver, and you have a limited supply of the ability to do so. We packed in some liver and digestive enzymes to help your body maximize the amount of nutrition you can handle at any given time. 

Plant Diversity - Even though it is a “greens” powder, there are many more plants that are in pureWOD GREENS. If you were to only have leafy greens, you would have a very one dimensional representation of nutrition. Different plants are different colors because they contain different nutrients. We use 22 different vegetables AND fruits to be able to have an incredibly well rounded complement of nutrition. When you have a greens powder that is just a few different leafy greens, you are skipping out on a massive spectrum of vitamins, minerals and plant nutrients that you should be seeking. 

Raw and Organic - All of our plants are raw and organic, which is important when you are taking in so many potential servings of plant nutrition. When you have the amount of plant nutrition in a single scoop that we have, you want to make sure you are getting the purest form possible. If you are getting substandard nutrition or any type of chemicals, they are going to be far more concentrated in a powdered form, especially when you are taking about hundreds of servings of plants in a single product. 

Amount of Plant Nutrition - We’ve created our product with trying to pack as much nutrition in every serving as possible. Each scoop of pureWOD GREENS is 14 servings of 22 different raw and organic fruits and vegetables, and each bag has 30 servings. That is 420 servings of fruits and vegetables. Four hundred and twenty. That is not a typo. 

When compared to other leading brands, we have more than double the actual amount of condensed plant matter per scoop (about 10 grams) and actually have included a full 30 day supply. We urge you to check the amount of plant material as well as how many servings are in the product before you make the next purchase of greens powders. 

No Fillers or Artificial Anything - Many “greens” or food products are stuffed with artificial compounds. This includes artificial sweeteners, flavorings, mixing agents, flow agents and compounds that do not add to your health. We never use any artificial anything. 

99.9% of powdered supplements have processing aids that do nothing for the product, but are used so the manufacturer can run their machines faster and clean them less. These compounds and chemicals are certainly not additive to your health. 

One of the tricky ways that other companies try to inflate the claims of their products is to add artificially derived “vitamin and mineral” profiles to boost the amount they can put on their supplement facts panel. However, as you can read about in Part II: Should You Skip Multivitamins and Who Should Be Taking a Greens Powder? you’ll know this is not an ideal way to approach nutrition, and can be detrimental in certain cases. 

Now you understand why you should be taking a greens powder over fish oil and a multivitamin, if it is right for you and which one to get, you probably have the question of when and how often you should take it optimally? Follow along to Part IV: When and How Often Should I Take a Greens Powder for that exact answer. 

If you want to try a new greens or replace yours, click here to shop ours!