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When and How Often Should I Take a Greens Powder?

When and How Often Should I Take a Greens Powder?
The supplement industry can be quite confusing. Take this in the morning on an empty stomach, this in the afternoon in between meals that have protein in them, and this at night - after you’ve worked out, but before you brush your teeth. We simplified that process for you when it comes to taking our greens powder. 

What time of the day? With/without foods? 

You can take our greens any time of day, with or without food!

What should I mix Greens with? 

Most people simply mix our greens powder with water while some add it to their favorite drink (coconut milk is popular), in green smoothies, or with their pre-workout or protein supplements. All of these are appropriate. 

How often should I have Greens? 

The recommended serving is once per day, just like how often you should ideally be having a diverse consumption of plants. Just like you have been told forever to take a “daily” multivitamin, this is the same principle, just a much more effective addition to your health.

Once a day is a great guideline, however, there are times where it would be better to increase that amount.

For instance, when traveling, it would probably be a good idea to add in an extra scoop for some nutritional insurance when you don’t have access to fresh food at every meal or if you’re exposed to a lot of people in public places who are probably sick (crowded airplanes, trains, etc.). 

Another time would be if you’re starting to feel a cold or some type of illness creeping up. Taking Greens can be a great way to naturally boost your body’s immune system. 

If you’re not getting a great diversity of plants in a certain day, aim for an increase in Greens. For example, let’s say you just ate chicken breast and broccoli all day. You are getting a very one dimensional representation of nutrition. 

Training multiple times a day? Your body has a lot to recover from and it is smart to give it the building blocks it needs for new cells.