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Sweet Potato Powder, More Than Just A Carb Supplement

Sweet Potato Powder, More Than Just A Carb Supplement
It is easy to look at supplements as one dimensional and serving a single purpose. Protein = muscles, right? Carbs = energy, yes? But could there be more to how a supplement acts to promote better health? 

For example, our beef protein powder is just another protein, except it’s not. It is packed with collagen, gelatin and other joint and connective tissue saving properties that do more for your health than just build up your muscles.

Why? Your body isn’t just muscle and bone. You have a lot of crucial parts holding you together in between that need love too. 


Our sweet potato powder, Clean Carbs was created with the fundamental purpose of providing athletes with a convenient and healthy source of carbohydrates that simply doesn’t exist. However, we have designed it specifically to provide that and so much more. 

If you’ve tried our sweet potato powder, Clean Carbs, you will notice that there is a slight graininess to the texture, and that it settles a little.

This is completely intentional. We cold process our potatoes when they are going into a powdered form and try to leave as much of the carbohydrate in the plant cell walls as possible. This leads to not as pretty or easily mixing supplement, but a far healthier one.

We could have processed the sweet potatoes and made them super fine, added in stabilizing and emulsifying agents that destroy your digestion like other brands, and thus had a deliciously smooth milkshake consistency. But that would take away the main purpose of this magical food. 


We intentionally left a good portion of the carbohydrate within the cell walls of the plants to properly emulate the true digestion of carbohydrates, fueling the health of your gut, reduction in inflammation, increase in immune system and more.  

For the simplicity of this article, the path something you eat takes in your body and where it gets digested looks like this: First your stomach, then your small intestine, finally your large intestine. 

You have trillions of (beneficial) bacteria that live in your large intestine that regulate hormones, modulate immunity and inflammation and protect you from other foreign and invading bacteria. They need to eat. 

When you eat simple sugars that are digested in your mouth, stomach and small intestine, you are depriving this colony of warriors of food. They starve and die off. This causes health problems. But that’s not all.

When simple sugars (and other carbohydrate powders) begin their digestion very early, are taken up to into the bloodstream nearly instantaneously and are food for the bacteria that shouldn’t be in your upper GI tract. 

While the argument can be made that this rapid digestion of carbohydrates can be good for repairing tissues, it is also true that this rapid digestion causes massive inflammation, destroys your gut lining and feeds bad bacteria in your gut. If your digestion is suffering - checkout our colostrum supplement

Why did we choose to leave so much of the plant cell wall intact? This fibrous (grainy texture when mixed) cell wall takes a little longer to break down, so the carbohydrate ends up not only fueling you at a more sustained rate, it double as food for your gut bugs and improving overall health.

Do you want your carbohydrate source to just provide you with a quick shot of energy, or do you also want it to improve your gut health, decrease inflammation, make your immune system more resilient and prevent disease?