What Makes GREENS Special?

Everything we use GREENS was specifically chosen to increase your health, not take away from it. Some of the key combinations of ingredients make this the most powerful and effective greens powder on the market. Checkout every ingredient we use and why we use it below. Nothing artificial, ever. 



We use an unprecedented 4.5 grams of raw and organic greens and vegetables from 12 different sources. This is a powerhouse blend of plants that provide all of the phytonutrients with none of the waste. We cold process all of our plant matter to retain as many nutrients as humanly possible.



Not only a greens powder! We also use 4 .5 grams of raw and organic berries and fruits from 10 different sources. We use a wide variety of the most nutrient dense berries to complement the greens so that you get the most broad representation of phytonutrients.



We use fat from coconut oil for two different reasons. First, you need fat to absorb many vitamins, minerals and nutrients in plants. MCT powder will help with the this absorption. MCT is also readily accessibly by your brain and tissues for energy, unlike other fats that need to be processed by the liver.



How do nutrients get around your body and to the right place? Your liver. Because our product provides so many nutrients, we added liver support to help you package and deliver the nutrients to where they need to go. Without this, you would waste a lot of the benefit and micronutrients of the product.



How does your body break down the plant nutrients so that your liver can pack them up and deliver them? With different digestive enzymes. Again, because we have an insane amount of nutrients, we added these digestive enzymes so your body can properly assimilate and use every little bit of nutrition.



Reishi mushroom is a very powerful compound that is known to decrease inflammation, fatigue, skin disorders and anxiety, just to name a few. We used reishi mushroom in GREENS specially for the immune regulatory effects as well as the function of liver detox and support.



Inositol, naturally occurring in plants such as cantaloupe and oranges, has many health benefits. One of the main reasons we chose inositol for our greens blend is that is has a large regulatory effect of increasing the receptors on the cell membrane to take up more nutrients that are floating around your body. It also helps in nerve conduction (brain power), fat breakdown and insulin regulation.