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What Does Prime Protein Beef Isolate Protein Taste Like?

What Does Prime Protein Beef Isolate Protein Taste Like?

The buzz from the launch of our all-natural beef isolate protein has been incredible! People from kids to grandmothers are hopping on the beef bandwagon and adding a whole food source to their diet. We've done about 1500 cups of tastings right now with Prime Protein by itself, with coffee (amazing), banana, milk and almond butter. Still... we get the same reaction. "BEEF!? Ew..." which leads us to the question - WHAT does Prime Protein really taste like? 

Because it is made from beef, does it taste like a bloody and grilled ribeye steak

Because it is made the same way bone broth is, does it taste like mom's beef noodle soup

Because it is packed with collagen and a gelatin, does it taste like Jell-o? 

This is answer is... NOPE! Just like pea protein doesn't taste like pea soup and whey protein doesn't taste like cheese, our all-natural beef protein isolate does not taste like beef. 

What does it taste like then? Deep and rich chocolate. Since the only flavoring we add is 100% all-natural cocoa powder, you get a full chocolate flavor without all of the weird chemical tastes that some "natural and artificial" flavor blends can leave you with. 

So next time you see us at a tasting or are thinking about trying out a bag of Prime Protein, it has the benefits of beef, but taste of real cocoa powder. Best of both worlds!