Ultimate Health Bundle
Ultimate Health Bundle
Ultimate Health Bundle
Ultimate Health Bundle
Ultimate Health Bundle
Ultimate Health Bundle
Ultimate Health Bundle
Ultimate Health Bundle
Ultimate Health Bundle
Ultimate Health Bundle
Ultimate Health Bundle
Ultimate Health Bundle
Ultimate Health Bundle
Ultimate Health Bundle
Ultimate Health Bundle
Ultimate Health Bundle
Ultimate Health Bundle
Ultimate Health Bundle

Ultimate Health Bundle

Equip With The Original Multivitamins


Improved Metabolism

Nutrient Dense

Healthy Heart

Improved Brain Function

Equip Ultimate Health Bundle

Providing the benefits of the best whole food nutrition, without the taste.

General consensus is that if you want overall nutritional insurance in a supplement form, you should be taking a multivitamin.

The truth is, when you take a multivitamin, you are getting many synthetic forms of nutrients and in amounts that do not represent whole foods.

These different amounts of different nutrients typically don’t represent what you’d get in real foods and can actually end up being problematic. 

The good news is that real food takes care of this issue of guessing what we need and when.

That's why Dr. Anthony Gustin created the Ultimate Health Bundle. Packed with real food nutrition and no junk + fillers, ever.

What you get in every bundle

A full month's supply of

  • EQUIP Grass-Fed Beef Liver Capsules

  • EQUIP Joint Support+

  • EQUIP Ceylon Cinnamon

  • Equip Apple Cider Vinegar

Who Should Take The Ultimate Health Bundle

Anyone who:

- Wants more real food based nutrients 
- Wants less inflammation
- Wants more energy
- Wants to recover from workouts quicker
- Doesn’t eat enough fruits or vegetables
- Doesn’t have access to a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables
- Gets sick often or feels like they are getting sick 
- Works a lot with people who may be sick
- Travels frequently 

Should I Still Take My Multivitamin

If you are taking a generic multivitamin just for general health, yes you should use this bundle to replace it. The real food in Equip's formulations are designed by mother nature.

How to Use

  1. Daily with meals to supplement micronutrient intake

  2. Between meals or when fasting to support energy levels

  3. Post exercise to support recovery, energy, digestion, and metabolism

  4. During cold and flu season for additional immune support

How to use

Add to your smoothies + shakes


Shake with 8-10 oz of your favorite beverage


Add to your recipe + fresh baked goods



  • Why Beef Liver?

    It's the original multivitamin.

    Liver is one of the most abundant sources of a large variety of nutrients including selenium choline, folic acid, Vitamin A, B12, and is also rich in Vitamin D, potassium, iron, zinc, and copper among many others.

    These nutrients support a multitude of biological processes, including healthy heart and brain function, healthy hair, normal digestive and metabolic function and energy levels.

    Liver is unique because it is one of the few dietary sources of Vitamin K2 and hyaluronic acid which is beneficial for joint health.  Liver is also a rich source of a power antioxidant CoQ10 which can help improve mitochondrial function, promote healthy aging and longevity, and improve brain and heart health.

  • Why Ceylon Cinnamon?

    Metabolism and digestion support.

    More than just a spice from tree bark, cinnamon is considered a “medicinal plant” in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine where it is often promoted for its ability to increase energy and improve digestion.

    Cinnamon contains powerful plant compounds that possess antioxidant and other health-promoting properties.

    Research has supported the benefits of cinnamon by showing its ability to support healthy immune and cellular function, healthy carbohydrate metabolism, promote normal digestion, improve blood glucose control, combat inflammation, and support healthy cardiovascular function.

    Interestingly, cinnamon has been shown to limit glucose absorption and prevent significant insulin spikes following carbohydrate consumption

  • Why Joint Support+ (Glucosamine)?

    Natural Joint Support.

    Joint health is one of the most important aspect of your physical health.  As we age, our joints take a pounding leading to wear and tear that can dramatically impact joint health.  Impaired joint health can lead to not only discomfort and chronic pain but also an inability to exercise and an increased risk of injury.

    Our joint support approach is four-pronged:

    1. Alleviate wear and tear

    2. Reduce inflammation

    3. Address feelings of discomfort

    4. Support the normal, healthy, lubrication, physical articulation and function of our joints

    EQUIP Joint Support Caps combine 8 naturally occurring compounds to support healthy joints so you can continue to enjoy your favorite physical activities and healthy lifestyle.

  • Why Apple Cider Vinegar?

    Support your gut health.

    Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is one of the widely known health beneficial foods.  In fact, it was even recommended by the ancient Romans, Egyptians, and Greeks, even Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine thought of vinegar as a powerful elixir with natural germ fighting properties.

    ACV has a wide variety of health benefits including gut and digestive health, and improved metabolism.

    ACV may also support stable blood sugar levels, improve carbohydrate metabolism, support normal cellular function, and improve joint health. Apple Cider Vinegar also contains malic and tartaric acids which support the body’s immune system and ability to fight toxins while inhibiting unfriendly bacteria.

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