Turmeric Blend+ Capsules
Turmeric Blend+ Capsules
Turmeric Blend+ Capsules
Turmeric Blend+ Capsules
Turmeric Blend+ Capsules
Turmeric Blend+ Capsules
Turmeric Blend+ Capsules
Turmeric Blend+ Capsules

Turmeric Blend+ Capsules

Inflammation doesn’t stand a chance.


Stay Lean

Boost Muscle Recovery

Increase Strength

Boost Energy

Turmeric Blend + Anti-Inflammatory

A research-backed blend of whole-food ingredients promoting healthy metabolism and reduced inflammation

Most anti-inflammatory products on the market contain artificial ingredients and chemicals. Ingredients your body doesn’t want — and shouldn’t have.

Not Equip. Our Turmeric Blend + Anti-Inflammatory capsules are made from 100% whole foods. So you get the health benefits of natural ingredients. And none of the side effects of fillers and junk.

Equip Founder (and sports chiropractor) Dr. Anthony Gustin spent years seeking out the world’s most powerful superfoods to perfect Equip’s Turmeric Blend. We use the right doses of turmeric, ginger, pepper, and berberine so that you see results. Fast.

What to expect with Turmeric Blend + Anti-Inflammatory

The real foods contained in every capsule of Turmeric Blend are designed to work with your body to support positive changes in mood, energy, and inflammation levels.

Take 2-3 capsules per days, with or without food. Allow 4-6 weeks of daily use of Turmeric Blend + Anti-Inflammatory to notice these positive changes.

Why Turmeric Blend + Anti-Inflammatory?

Look at the ingredients in most other supplements on the shelves. You’ll find labels filled with ingredients you don’t know, and can’t pronounce.

Not Turmeric Blend + Anti-Inflammatory. Our capsules contain real foods only. So you can support your healthy lifestyle, without worrying about what you’re putting in your body.

How to use

Add to your smoothies + shakes


Shake with 8-10 oz of your favorite beverage


Add to your recipe + fresh baked goods



  • Why should I take turmeric capsules?

    Turmeric (the spice that gives curry its yellow color) contains the active ingredient curcumin. Curcumin contains powerful anti-inflammatory effects, and research shows it’s a strong antioxidant.

    The problem is, it’s essentially impossible to get the level of curcumin you need each day (using turmeric spice in your food) to get the full effects. That’s why you need a supplement like Turmeric Blend+.

  • Why should I take Turmeric Blend+ over other turmeric supplements?

    The problem with most other supplements is they contain artificial ingredients (sugars, fillers) that are bad for your body. Not Turmeric Blend+. We spent years perfecting the ideal blend of natural ingredients for maximum results.

    For example, curcumin (the anti-inflammatory ingredient found in turmeric) is poorly absorbed in the bloodstream. We’ve added black pepper to Turmeric Blend+ that enhances the absorption of curcumin by 2,000%.

  • Why is it important to take an anti-inflammatory supplement?

    Inflammation affects your health in many ways. In some ways, it’s a good thing (it fights infections). However, in many cases, inflammation does more harm to your body than good. Inflammation can harm your gut (inflammatory bowel disease/IBD). It can harm joints (rheumatoid arthritis). It’s linked to heart disease, depression, and cancer. It can disrupt sleep, damage gums, and make weight loss more difficult.

    A diet containing the lowest amount of inflammation-causing foods, coupled with Turmeric Blend+, can help reduce bouts of inflammation in your body.

  • When (and how often) should I take Turmeric Blend+?

    Take 2-3 capsules every day. Our careful blend of natural ingredients makes it easy for you to take Turmeric Blend+ with or without food.

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