Ceylon Cinnamon Capsules
Ceylon Cinnamon Capsules
Ceylon Cinnamon Capsules
Ceylon Cinnamon Capsules
Ceylon Cinnamon Capsules
Ceylon Cinnamon Capsules

Ceylon Cinnamon Capsules

Metabolism and Digestion Support. Updated Best-By Date: July 2021


Improve Digestion and Metabolism

Increase Energy

Fight Inflammation

Restore Cardiovascular and Immune Health

Equip Cinnamon Caps

A high dose of Ceylon cinnamon to support healthy metabolism and digestion.

More than just a spice from tree bark, cinnamon is considered a “medicinal plant” in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine where it is often promoted for its ability to increase energy and improve digestion.

Cinnamon contains powerful plant compounds that possess antioxidant and other health-promoting properties.

Research has supported the benefits of cinnamon by showing its ability to support healthy immune and cellular function, healthy carbohydrate metabolism, promote normal digestion, improve blood glucose control, combat inflammation, and support healthy cardiovascular function.

Interestingly, cinnamon has been shown to limit glucose absorption and prevent significant insulin spikes following carbohydrate consumption

What you get in every serving

Every serving (2 caps) of Equip Cinnamon Caps contains 1,200 mg of Ceylon Cinnamon.  Ceylon Cinnamon is thought to be the more beneficial form of cinnamon that does not contain certain compounds found in other forms of cinnamon like Cassia that can be toxic when consumed in large doses.

What to expect from Equip’s Cinnamon Caps

Equip Cinnamon caps will help provide you with noticeable and non noticable benefits.  Consuming these caps may lead to you experiencing improved digestion, more energy, reducing the negative effects of a carbohydrate rich meal.

Other benefits of Equip Cinnamon Caps that may not be as noticeable are improved cellular function, better nutrient absorption, lower inflammation, and improved immune and cardiovascular health.

Why Equip Cinnamon Caps

Getting the recommended dose of cinnamon to experience its benefits can lead to the cough inducing cinnamon challenge which is why we created EQUIP Cinnamon Caps to help provide the benefits without the mouthful of spicy powder.

Other cinnamon supplements do not contain the powerful Ceylon variation of cinnamon and consuming 1,200 milligrams of cinnamon is not going to be a great experience.  Here you get a powerful serving of this spice in an easy to ingest and digest capsule.

How to Use

  1. Use daily to support normal cellular function and overall wellness

  2. Take with higher carb meals to support healthy carbohydrate metabolism

  3. Post exercise to support energy, digestion, and metabolism

  4. Take with shakes, smoothies or snacks to promote healthy nutrient absorption


  • Why use Ceylon Cinnamon over other Cinnamons?

    Other variations of cinnamon can contain compounds that when consumed in high doses could be toxic.  Ceylon Cinnamon does not contain these compounds, allowing it to be consumed in higher amounts to experience the benefits.

  • Can I just use cinnamon in my food?

    Nearly all cinnamons found in the store are a Cassia cinnamon which can be toxic when consumed in high doses.

  • How much cinnamon do I need to experience benefits?

    There is not enough research to determine the recommended dose of Ceylon Cinnamon but consuming 1 serving of Equip Cinnamon Caps is enough to start seeing benefits.

  • Are there any adverse side effects?

    Negative effects of consuming too much cinnamon come from consuming the Cassia variation of cinnamon.  Safety has been established for consuming larger amounts of Ceylon Cinnamon.