We're Hiring: Director of Growth Marketing

We're looking for a super smart and highly motivated person who can take over all of the marketing duties, strategy, and execution.
Why Equip Foods?
We are makers of high-quality real food supplements. We believe in humans eating real food. We also believe in supplementing around a real foods diet with real food supplement products.
We think that the majority of health products online are just a bunch of garbage with fancy labels trying to sell trendy items for a quick buck. We make the best products we possibly can. We need your help to spread the word about our high standards.
We're a very small and distributed team and looking for you to make your stamp on the business.
Your role:
  • Growth of our Shopify e-commerce and Amazon channels
  • Strategy and execution of a marketing and promotional plan
  • Create, manage, and send email campaigns and ongoing flows (Klaviyo)
  • Drive subscription revenue
  • Manage and scale paid channel (FB, Google, AdWords) profitably
  • Scale affiliate program
  • Manage generation and management of creative assets
  • Understand and manage important growth metrics per channel (CAC, LTV, AOV, contribution margin)
You'll love this role if:
  • You are a do-er that learns fast and executes even faster
  • You value autonomy and making your own decisions
  • You make your own goals and have strong self accountability
  • You are data driven and a truth seeker
  • You prefer communicating in written form on your own schedule
  • You give a shit about health and helping others be healthy
You'll hate this role if:
  • You love working in a big team environment
  • You need constant direction and guidance solving problems
  • You are looking for a set career path
  • You prefer in person communication or calls to "chat things through"
  • You prefer doing the same repeatable tasks
  • You are plant-based
  • Experience working with Shopify and Shopify apps
  • 2+ years of working in direct to consumer e-commerce sales
  • Can read financial statements and know how to tie profitability into marketing
  • Give a shit about health
Other details:
  • Fully remote and location independent
  • High growth potential and opportunity
  • High performance will result in high compensation
Still interested? Click here to apply. If you're a good fit we'll get back to you ASAP.