Complete Collagen Unflavored

100% grass-fed collagen peptides.

  • Help your body recover after a tough workout.

  • Made from real food, one ingredient: grass-fed collagen peptides.

  • Clinical studies show that collagen improves the health of the joints, gut lining, connective tissues, and skin.

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Complete Collagen

Get the benefits of a complete collagen recovery from a powdered blend that contains 15 grams of grass-fed collagen peptides and none of those unhealthy additives or artificial ingredients found in most products. Complete Collagen contains only one ingredient: grass-fed bovine collagen peptides. It’s the easiest way to support healthy joints and tissues, and support recovery after an injury.

What you get with every scoop

Every serving of Complete Collagen contains 15 grams of collagen peptides in a flavorless powder you can add to any drink or meal. No chemicals, no preservatives, no artificial flavors that spike your blood sugar - just the full amino acid profile of grass-fed collagen to support your body’s recovery. Add Complete Collagen to your favorite drinks or recipes without altering the flavors you love.

What to expect with complete collagen

Clinical studies have proven collagen strengthens bones, joints and ligaments, improves gut lining and connective tissues, as well as improves your skin health. Consistency is key. Allow 4-6 weeks of daily use of Complete Collagen to notice positive changes in your hair, skin, nails, joint support, and injury recovery.

Why complete collagen?

Most collagen powders on the market are loaded with unhealthy additives and fillers. You deserve a blend that contains only the ingredients your body needs, nothing else. Complete Collagen contains just one ingredient: grass-fed collagen peptides. You get the results you deserve and none of the junk found in other products.

Gluten free
Dairy free
Soy free
Hormone free
Whey free
Antibiotic free
No artificial flavors
Preservative free

Doctor Developed. Backed by science

Trust Equip to fuel your body with the nutrients it needs to thrive. Developed by Dr. Anthony Gustin, a functional medicine and sports rehab clinican.

Dr. Anthony Gustin
Complete Collagen Unflavored

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Complete Collagen Unflavored


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  • Where does your collagen come from?

    We source our collagen from 100% grass-fed cows from Washington, Oregon, California, and Colorado. We’re meticulous about where we get our collagen. That way you get the full benefits of collagen peptides (supports bone and joint health), without worrying what you’re putting in your body.

  • What does Complete Collagen taste like?

    Complete Collagen is 100% flavorless and mixes easily with your favorite drink or recipe.

    Unlike other supplements, we don’t add artificial ingredients, fillers, or chemicals to our product to make it “taste better.” Just 15 grams of collagen peptides in every flavor-free scoop.

  • Why should I take collagen instead of other proteins?

    The lean-meat protein you find in other supplements is great for muscle building. But your body is made up of other types of protein, including collagen.

    In fact, collagen is the body’s most important building block. It makes up about 30% of the proteins in your body.

    Your hair, nails, skin, connective tissues, ligaments, and tendons are all made with collagen fibers. They need collagen to remain strong and healthy.

    While most people get enough meat protein in their diet, very few people get enough collagen. Complete Collagen delivers 15 grams of collagen peptides in a single scoop.

  • Why should I take Complete Collagen over other collagen supplements?

    The only ingredient in our Complete Collagen supplement is grass-fed bovine collagen peptides. Nothing else. Most other supplements contain fillers (to make their packages seem bigger) or artificial ingredients and chemicals (to make their powders taste or mix better).

    At Equip, we’re serious about your health. Your body wants real foods, not chemicals and fake ingredients. That’s why Complete Collagen contains only collagen peptides.

  • What are 'collagen peptides'?

    Collagen peptides are a form of collagen that’s easy to digest and mix into cold drinks. It’s the easiest way to consume collagen in a powder form.

  • When should I take Complete Collagen?

    Complete Collagen helps to maintain and restore protein content in your skin, joints, ligaments, hair, nails, and tendons. It can be taken at anytime of day, including before and after workouts (that are tough on your skin and joints).

  • What is Prime Collagen's amino acid profile?

    Below is our amino acid profile. Typical values. Grams per 15g serving:

    Alanine: 1.54
    Arginine: 1.31
    Aspartic Acid: 1.02
    Glutamic Acid: 1.70
    Glycine: 4.12
    Isoleucine: 0.26
    Leucine: 0.49
    Lysine: 70.37
    Phenylalanine: 0.35
    Proline: 2.59
    Serine: 0.53
    Threonine: 0.33
    Tyrosine: 0.10
    Valine: 0.40